Lunar living

Afraid of the daily news like we’re in an abusive marriage. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that six months before the initial stages of the pandemic, I put us on a self-inflicted lockdown after experiencing premonition type feelings that somebody was going to hurt my children. I would lose sleep and sound like a maniac talking to my man about these issues and fears and he would always respond that it was okay. These were just bad dreams.

..He’s so precise. And completed for me the totality… What was it? “I light the fire under his ass and he pulls me out of the ceiling fans”! Anyways…cheers to alL the mamas who don’t know if it’s cream cheese or make-up. Just don’t. Bahhhhaaa

True, but they were genuine and caused me to keep us from going about our daily basis of living, and merely months later, the pandemic hit, and you see where I’m going with this don’t you?

Because intuition ended up being correct in such huge ways, it brought with its locks and keys to infinite realms of the knowledge and skills abandoned and discovered me and I had discovered them. So through the thickness of the thick and the thinnest of the thins but I want to be from who I was.